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RGA has the resources to perform a full range of services in traffic engineering and transportation planning. Our services can be categorized in one of three categories. The following is a list of services by category that we have provided to our clients in the past.  


Traffic Counts

The effectiveness of any design project depends on the quality of the data that is used to establish the design criteria. Likewise, the accuracy of a traffic impact study is based on the existing traffic. We have a strong commitment to collecting good data accurately and efficiently.  Our traffic count specific projects have ranged from one count to dozens of counts.   RGA prides in providing quality assurance prior to all submissions.


Traffic Design

Good design provides a product that not only functions well when it is built but, also allows flexibility to make changes in the future. We make an effort from the onset of a design project to thoroughly understand the needs of the maintaining agency. Many times this calls for an understanding of their maintenance practices. This information is very useful when we make decisions during the design process. We also incorporate into our design the items that allow flexibility in the future.

We have been sub-consultants for many of our design projects. Therefore, we have become efficient in coordinating our traffic related items with the roadway items they may affect. Studies

Traffic studies are generally performed for two reasons. The first reason is to address a perceived problem. This involves verifying the problem and making recommendations of potential solutions to the problem. In some cases, available crash statistics may indicate that a problem exists and the study is performed to determine the contributing factors for the higher crash rates. The second reason is to determine the impact of a proposed development and make recommendations to mitigate the effect of the development on the local street network.

Regardless of the reason for the study, it is necessary to thoroughly understand local guidelines and maintain contact with the agency that is responsible for the roadway(s) being studied. We have performed hundreds of traffic studies of various types. When it is necessary to collect new data for the study, we collect the data ourselves. Beyond having confidence in the data, it proves to be valuable because there are many times when observations of specific traffic issues are made in the field that are either reported to the maintaining agency or incorporated into the study.

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